Hold My Heart

Though life seems utterly of pain
Shared throughout the days
Our Lord will not refrain
To show His love in many ways.
~ GrantedGrace72

I am new to this blogging. As a matter of fact, this is completely out of my comfort zone but I believe God is leading me and has put it on my heart for some time now to share my poetry and my ups and many downs in life.


Being very quiet and very shy as a child, did not detract from the fact that I was also strong-willed…at home. I found myself rebelling against my parents as a teenager, and young adult. I left home at 18. In my mind, I felt as if I had been “held down” for so long that I was going to forge my own way and ignore everything I had come from. I continued rebelling against my parents. I did this not knowing that I was hurting myself only trying to run away from a temporary feeling. I was running head first, blind-folded. I was desperate to get away. Desperate to do things my way. Desperate for something… to breathe.

“A prudent person forsees danger and takes
precautions. The simpleton goes blindly
on and suffers the consequences.”
Proverbs 27:12 NLT


It took a long time for me to get here, much longer than I care to remember but it reminds me of time lost and I still have to pray that God softens me so that I can reach my children. After battling an illness, and depression; today, I find myself remembering my childhood thoughts and feelings as I speak to my children. Even when I may lose my temper my heart is burdened until I go back to apologize and I do my best to take different paths in raising them. I keep telling my children to use my life as an example and do not go down the same roads I did.

As with most parents they want to see their children do exceedingly better. Just yesterday, I had the conversation with one of my children about getting irritated when I ask or tell them to do chores or tasks. This time I asked them to go to the store with me. The task was menial, nothing daunting. They are always going places with their friends, no problem, with a smile, and a spring in their step…because it’s what they want to do. I had sent them in the store earlier to buy a few products with a very detailed list: price, detailed item name, color, quantity. They came home with something completely different than what I had instructed. Their excuse…”Well, I don’t use it!” Now, I asked them to come back to the store with me not because I needed the company, although I want to spend as much time with them as I can, but because I wanted to teach them something. There was a purpose behind the task. To teach that in order to complete a task, the correct end result must be attained regardless if right now you don’t see it is as for your own benefit.

“Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. “Honor your father and mother”—which is the first commandment with a promise— “so that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.”

Ephesians 6: 1-3

 Dear Heavenly Father,

I know that You are here with me. Regardless of how my right now may seem. Though the devil throws obstacles in my path so I may fall, Your word says that You will never fail or abandon me. Let me stand in faith. Keep my mind, my heart, my will submissive to You. I can be careless at times with the life You have entrusted to me, Lord, forgive me. Teach me how to protect my heart from the tricks of the enemy when things are not going my way. Teach me to protect my mind from the thoughts that the enemy tries to convince me of.

In Jesus’ name I pray,




PhotoCredit: Huffpost (2016) https://goo.gl/images/4ew2uL


Author: grantedgrace72

You need to know me? I am an old youth. Late to grow. Yet grateful of the time given by the Lord. Under His watchful eye, I am redirected, chastened, and chided. My heart is fragile, broken, and a work in progress. The Lord delicately puts me together as if mending glass. My pieces are not visibly shown. Hurt words leave my mouth, the sharp edges of my broken glass; though my heart speaks a different beat. A common factor in our time. My ways have sent me astray from the Lord’s path. I am no different than you. The Lord uses His timetable, methods, and avenues to lead us back to Him…if we will listen. Heavenly Father, Open my ears to hear Your gentle voice. Soften my heart so that I will heed Your words. Guide my feet so that I may walk in line with Your will. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen! PhotoCredit: https://goo.gl/images/ShgvmP